• Play exciting gameshow trivia games with our ultimate slime machine!

  • Frolic in the bubbles with our foam party rental services!

  • We can help you throw an amazing and fun party!

  • We offer messy obstacle courses and team games as well. Hour of fun!

  • We can provide a giant slime pit and several games, from ball-search bingo, to pillow jousting!

  • Colored powder is a great way to celebrate while not getting wet.
  • Our foam machine rentals are super affordable.
  • Slip & Slide in the slime!
  • Everyone loves bubbles! Great kids party ideas!
  • The perfect entertainment for kids who love to get a bit messy!
  • Our Ultimate Slime Machine can deliver gallon after gallon of safe, colorful slime, all over your guest of honor!
  • Fun team games for kids party entertainment.
  • Hold on! Slime pit jousting is ultimate entertainment for everyone - kids and adults!

About Us

Looking for something a bit different for your next special event or backyard birthday party? Explore some of our unique party rental packages which will make it a party to remember for a lifetime.

Based out of Colchester, VT Slime & Games was founded to bring the same quality of entertainment I have provided for larger businesses to individual families and smaller local organizations. I provide foam party rentals to anywhere in Vermont. However, my real specialty is slime, with a growing collection of games and contraptions all designed for maximum messy fun. Check out some of the offerings below, and then let me know how I can help "mess up" your next party!

Foam Parties

Foam parties are great for guests of all ages, from kids, to teens, to adults. When we set up our foam pit, it's only a matter of time before everyone decides they just need to come in and grab a handful. Kids of all ages absolutely love playing in the bubbles. We also provide foam for dance parties for teens or adults. Our inflatable foam pits can safely hold more guests than similar sized bounce houses, and also accommodate a wider age range.

Our foam party service includes delivery of all equipment, setup, breakdown, and complete operation of the equipment for the duration of your party. An operator will be present at all times to oversee the foam pits, maintaining the foam level and enforcing our safety rules.

Kids love playing in our affordable foam pit rentals!
We're currently closed for the winter, but check back in spring 2019 to see our latest offerings, pricing information, and for information on booking summer 2019 parties.

Slime & Messy Games

When it comes to messy fun, nobody can beat our offering of wild games and entertainment possibilities. From our "Ultimate Slime Machine", to games in our giant "Slime Pits", we have a whole bunch of slippery, sensational offerings. Kids love playing in the slime, but the adults love knowing that when the party is over, we also take care of the slime cleanup and removal. If you're not quite ready to go full-slime, we also offer other drier colorful powder games. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

Are you brave enough to risk a plunge into our slime pit?

Our Messy Games

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Slime Roulette

Are you feeling lucky? The slime roulette machine consists of a clear plastic booth with a couple of tricks! Once inside, pull the string to release the door, but watch out, you might get slimed instead!

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Messy Musical Chairs

Quick, grab a seat! This game is similar to traditional musical chairs, except here, we have a seat for everyone. The catch? Eight of those seats have buckets of slime over them!

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Ultimate Slime Machine

Looking for a way to cover your guest of honor in slime? The ultimate slime machine was designed to most effectively cover a guest with the largest amount of slime possible! Can also be used for trivia games.

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Strategy meets slime in this great team game, designed to get everyone's hands messy. Two teams compete against each other to float a ball up and out of our U-shaped tubes.

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Egg Hunt

Get ready exterminators, we need your help! A nest of giant bug eggs has been found, and we need you to crawl into its foamy depths, find an egg, and then bring it back to be destroyed.

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Tipping Point

A twist on our Roulette game, tipping point combines a self-dumping bucket, a pump, and a timer your friends control! Try to fill the bucket just full enough to slime your friend, but don't go too long or the next bucket will be for you!

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Bucket Brigade

Two teams compete over our giant obstacle course to fill their bucket-hats with slime, complete an obstacle without spilling on themselves, and then successfully dump their slime into the next players bucket hat. Note: Requires $60 additional setup fee.

Extreme Slime Games: Available for Extreme Slime parties, or can be added on to basic parties for an additional slime pit fee.

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Slime Pit Bingo

Hop on into the slime pit in search of one of your team's bingo balls to bring back to the board, as two teams compete to be the first to get five in a row!

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Open Pit Play

Looking to relax in a giant pool of slime? Our open pit provides just that, along with an overhead self-tipping bucket. Every 5 dumps, we give the bucket a 5 minute break, to allow participants to decide whether they want to risk a massive sliming or just splash around!

We're currently closed for the winter, but check back in spring 2019 to see our latest offerings, pricing information, and for information on booking summer 2019 parties.

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